Made in the USA – The Better Way to Go

When we first started researching the idea of creating our Bridget boutique-designed party and gift set for bridge players we explored every possibility in creating and producing packaging right here in St. Louis.  We also relied on our long-standing relationships with local printers when producing the reusable bridge tallies, invitations and score pads featured on our website

Everything seemed to be coming together quite nicely until we decided to introduce a fabric travel bag as part of our product offerings, hopeful that bridge players that often take bridge cruises would find the bag useful.  We searched high and low in the United States until our search took us to China.  Reluctant, we had all of our products estimated by printers, seamstresses and more in China only to discover that after shipping, our costs would be only slightly less and we wouldn’t have the opportunity to keep business in the States.

While we still don’t have a travel bag, we were able to produce our gift box packaging and all of our accessories in the United States, and mostly in the St. Louis region.   We have taken our dedication to locally produced items one step further and are working with a local (Glen Carbon, Ill.) seamstress in the production of our custom handbags, our alternative to the travel bag.

Lessons learned?  Yes, we can do it all here in the United States.  There is no reason to look beyond our borders when the talent and resources we needed to launch a product were right at our doorstep.  Now, we can proudly display our Made in the USA symbol on everything we sell and for that, we are very grateful.


So . . . what’s the deal with the reusable tallies????

Part of what makes the products so unique is our reusable, hard laminate tallies.  Designed for durable game play and reuse, these tallies stand the test of time and are designed for those who like to play bridge and look good doing it. 

Here’s how they work:  Instead of buying paper tallies that offer a one-time use, order tallies, which come with sticky score pads, and use them over and over again.  Each sticky score pad is used for individual score keeping and are a great, economical and environmentally-friendly way to play bridge.  We recently traveled to Palm Springs/La Qunita California and allowed a group of ladies from Indian Wells Country Club to use our reusable tallies in game play.  Some of the comments we received were “Now I don’t have to go out searching for tallies over and over again.”  and “This will save me a lot of money in the long run.”

While there are others on the market, the Bridget reusable tallies are hard laminated and designed to coordinate with our other quality bridge products.  You can’t go wrong. So, if you hit the bridge club a couple times a week or have someone in your life that loves the game, reusable tallies are definately the way to go.  They make a great gift!