5 Reasons to Play bridge

There are several reasons why a person or couple may choose to play bridge. Maybe your grandparents or parents played back in the day, or maybe you have been one of the many who learned bridge in college or public schools. Whatever the case, bridge is once again sweeping the nation and thanks to the hard efforts and substantial contributions of Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, it has found its place in American homes once again.

Here’s five reasons why you should play bridge or have a bridge party in your home.

1) Bridge has been one of the most popular card games in the world second only to poker, thereby it must be fun and challenging, right?

2) It is a great basis for which to host a party in your home and since the economy has made it more challenging for couples to go out on the town, it’s also an economical choice for entertaining.

3) Reusable tallies help keep costs down. Now bridge players have the option of using reusable tallies that can be used over and over again without additional costs.

4) Bridge challenges the brain, helps combat dementia and is proven to help youngsters score better on test scores.

5) Finally there is a source for high-designed bridge supplies that offer everything you need to host a bridge party in your home or at a club.

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